As a kid Derrick knew what he wanted to be. He wanted to be a treasure hunter, and when he was 12 he started making this dream a reality. First he started learn many languages-Elfish,Dwarvish, and Draconic-and he also began to study orienteering. After 4 year of studying he learned every thing he thought he needed to know. He learned thing like the before Mentioned languages and orienteering. He also learned basic survival techniques, forestry, and how to use a dagger for combat.

1 year of exploring later he met the best friend he would ever have. This friend’s name was Nathan. Derrick and Nathan met when Nathan saved Derrick’s life. Derrick was trap in an avalanche and the great wizard Nathan put a shield around him. After that they became best friend and taught each other many things. It was Nathan who first recommended that Derrick should be a ranger and not an idiot with a dagger. Derrick taught Nathan about how to navigate and how to speak different languages.
4 year this great team searched the comaton mountain for the lost city of Uneek, but one day everything went wrong. This day was the worst day of Derrick life. Nathan and Derrick knew they were close to Uneek and they had to get there as fast as they could. There was one problem though. That was that it was a very stormy day and they were on a steep mountain. They thought the storm would go away, but it only got worse. The were on a small ledge when a frost troll attack the immediately Nathan cast an acid rain cloud on top of it, yet the troll walked past it not badly injured. Derrick shot an arrow but it missed. Derrick fired a second shot which hit, and did nothing. No mater what they tried it did nothing. To think their dream would end here was unacceptable to Nathan, so Nathan tackled the troll off the cliff so that Derrick could finish their dream. It got worse where they thought Uneek was it wasn’t later that week Derrick heard that Uneek was discovered. Nathan sacrificed himself for nothing. Derrick’s dream were crushed. A year later Derrick met Acosta, Arsenal, and what ever Porter named his character. The end